1. Are there additional charges collected for using fitness clubs and medical facilities?

MyLife Card allows you to use ALL clubs available in the offer. Full list of fitness facilities is available at www.kartamylife.pl. As part of the subscription you may use the gym, sauna, fitnessclasses and the like (e.g. zumba). The user of MyLife Card has the same rights as every other club member. If a given club offers all services within the subscription card, the user of MyLife card will not be additionally charged for them.

All medical services (medical packet) within the MyLife Card are free. There are additional charges for services that are not part of the medical packet.

Details are specified in the Regulation.

2. Is my family entitled to use the medical packet?

Yes, your children may also use the packet. Just buy an additional option for 19 PLN / person.

3. What is the difference between "Flexi" and "Smart" MyLife Card?

Fitness and medical services are the same in both options.

The agreement for MyLife "Flexi" Card is concluded for an indefinite period with the possibility of freezing the card for one month and the possibility to terminate it with the 3-month notice period.

The agreement for MyLife "Smart" Card is concluded for the period of 12 months. It may be frozen for the period of up to 3 months.

Both cards are available in the payment for instalments (monthly) option through direct debit from the bank account or direct debit from the credit or debit card.

4. What do I have to do to get full access to services within the MyLife Card?

First you must fill out all the required fields in the form available at www.kartamylife.pl and make the payment through the eCard system.

Next visit the Partner’s fitness facility to collect the MyLife Card and agree to make payments for the MyLife Card through a standing order from the credit/debit card or direct debit from the bank account.

MyLife Card may also be delivered to your home/workplace through a courier after you have provided a proper address in the registration form.

If you want the courier to deliver your card you may also give him your consent for making payments for using the MyLife Card. You may confirm collecting the card by signing a proper statement delivered by the courier.

5. Can someone else pay for my card?

Yes. In the registration form you should appoint a person, who will make the payments instead of the User/Authorized Person („payer”). The User is obliged to get the payer’s consent for payments through direct debit from the bank account or a standing order from the credit or debit card. If the payer fails to make the payment, the User is still obliged to pay for the MyLife Card.

6. Can a person under 18 get the MyLife Card?


Every User (person concluding the agreement) may appoint another person to use the MyLife card instead of the User. This may also be a person who has not turned 18, provided he/she is at least 16 years old.

The User who has turned 16 and wants to conclude the agreement on his/her own may do so. However, he/she needs a consent from the parent or guardian, who will validate such agreement. Comply with the instructions on the registration form and a proper consent for will be delivered together with the MyLife Card.

7. Does the Authorized Person also have to give his/her consent for processing their personal data?

The User or Authorized Person (appointed by the User) should give his/her consent for processing their personal data so that the services under such the MyLife Agreement could be properly executed. The consent is necessary to start using the fitness and medical services.

Giving the consent for processing of personal data for marketing purposes and to receive information is obligatory.

8. May I freeze my membership?

Yes. The person using the "Flexi" Card can freeze its membership for 11 month. The User concluding the agreement for a period of 12 months („Smart” Card), may freeze the MyLife Card for the period from 1 to 3 full calendar months. In the freeze period the User pays a smaller fee of 30,00 PLN.

Such freeze period may take place only once during the term of the Agreement. The freeze period may be activated after 48 hours at the earliest and not later than 60 days from the moment of submitting the decision about freezing. Freezing is not possible after giving notice about termination.

I decide to freeze my subscription on 26.02.2015. The beginning of the freeze period may not start earlier than 01.03.2015 and not later than 01.05.2015.

9. Can I use the services within the MyLife card during the freeze period?

During the freeze period you may not use any fitness and medical services.

10. Can the MyLife Agreement be terminated?

Yes, you may terminate the agreement concluded for an indefinite period („Flexi” card). The termination period is 3 calendar months, with the effect at the end of the calendar month.

I decide to terminate the agreement on 15 April 2015. The termination period is calculated from the end of the month, i.e. from 30 April 2015. The MyLife Agreement will be terminated after 3 calendar months, i.e. on 31 July 2015.

The termination notice should be submitted in writing and contain the signature of the person terminating the agreement and a declaration.

The website contains a form to be filled in order to obtain a proper termination document. A printed and signed form should be sent to the Operator’s mailing address.

11. I ordered the MyLife Card. How long do I have to wait for it? Where can I collect it?

MyLife Card is delivered to the Partner’s fitness facility usually the day before the Agreement becomes effective. When the card is sent, the User gets an e-mail. The MyLife Card is sent to the fitness facility indicated in the form as the PLACE OF DELIVERY or directly at your mailing address provided in the form.

12. I lost my MyLife card, how can I order a duplicate?

You may order a duplicate on the website after logging to the User’s Account and selecting the CARD DUPLICATE tab. Such duplicate costs 20 PLN. It will be delivered within 2-3 working days.

Until receiving a duplicate the User may use the MyLife services by giving his/her name at the front desk of a given fitness facility. The data in the system is verified with the data on the ID card.



13. How can I log in? How can I register on the website?

You can register after ordering the MyLife card. An e-mail address and password from the registration form will be used to log in to you User’s Account.

14. How can I pay for the subscription?

The first payment should be made online in the Internet store – tab „Order now”. In case of the „Flexi” or „Smart” card the payment for next settlement periods should be made through direct debit or a standing order.

15. My bank does not offer direct debit services, what should I do?

Select another form of payment, i.e. a standing order from the credit or debit card (card attached to the current bank account). We do not allow a form of payment other than a direct debit or a standing order.

16. My subscription payment was not completed, how can I pay for the subscription?

If the term for payments has expired (i.e. until the 5th day of every month) and the payment was not completed for reasons beyond the Operator’s control, immediately contact the Customer Service Department :

Hotline - 0 800 800 105 (free)

E-mail – [email protected]

Our consultants will help you find the cause of ineffective payment.

17. Can I pay for my subscription in the front desk or fitness club?

Payment cannot be made in the fitness club. First payment is made on-line through an Internet site. Next payments (if included in your MyLife Agreement) should be made according to the declaration in the agreement through direct debit or a standing order from the credit/debit card.



18. Since when is my medical packet active?

The medical packet is active after 5 days from completing all formalities.

19. How can I appoint a visit at a medical facility?

In LUX MED facilities under the brand LUX MED and Family Medicine use the following procedure:

a) log in to the Patient’s Portal on www.luxmed.pl

b) the e-center communicator available at www.luxmed.pl

c) LUX MED hotline under the number 22 33 22 888

You may register for a visit in the partner facilities either by:

a) phone - by calling to the facility we want to registers in,

b) personally - by going to the facility ourselves.

Addresses of the facilities are available at www.luxmed.pl Information about partner services available as part of the subscription are available after logging in to the Patient’s Portal or calling at 22 33 22 888. Detailed information about the medical packet and their scope are specified in General terms and conditions for medical services oraz Medical care plan, which are available at www.kartamylife.pl

20. Do I need to show my MyLife Card in order to use the fitness and medical packet?

To use the medical packet you need to show an ID and give the PESEL (of the User or authorized person) at the front desk in a selected medical facility.

In LUX MED partner facilities you also have to show your Patient’s e-Card. A patient’s e-Card is available at:

In order to use the fitness packet you have to show your MyLife Card and an ID.

21. My right to use the MyLife Card got suspended. What do I do?

Such suspension was due to a failure to pay for the MyLife Card in due time.

You may use your card the next day after paying the full amount, whereas medical services will be available from the first day of the next calendar month.